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Finally out - contact for copies. issue #11 and #12 also available. thanks for all the support, this is the last issue!

Hails to Emil of Wave of Darkness zine (co-editor and co conspirator 666420666) and Allan Diaz of A.V. Diaz Quality Printing (proudly made in Quezon City, Pilipinas)

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final cover manzzz

hells yeahhh. working overtime this Dec. (almost done)

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tentative final lineup for the WOD split issue:

- Brimstone in Fire, Brutal Truth, Reirea, Rosemary Malign, Malignancy, Iconic Destruction, The Ash Eaters (tentative), Murder Construct and Coffinworm (& maybe some last minute additions), Retro2010 and the best of shoot the shit chronicles. out soon.


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This is a bit late, but tonight we pay our respects to metal brothers who recently passed away

Lee Altomare (guitar) The Communion (they were on issue #12)
Peter Steele of Type O Negative


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the SS / WxOxDx split issue + updates.

sorry for the lack of updates. First of all, we sincerely hope for the best for those who were stricken by Typhoon Ketsana / Ondoy. We hope your family and friends are all safe. .


Also, yeah, we are proud to announce the upcoming Scrawlshop / Wave of Darkness split issue, slated for an early 2010 release. Scrawlshop is f'n stoked to be collaborating with Wave of Darkness zine. Hails. details will be posted here soon


P.P.S. the old SS archives website will be down forever starting Oct. 26, 2009 (geocities is closing down) and all old interviews and articles will be transferred to this blog soon.

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mid 2009 reviews

these reviews will be included on a future issue, if it does get finished (stay tuned) : (by R Zenabi)

All Flesh Fades
Pathogen/Brimstone in Fire split
Brute! Productions

Splits usually serve as a great way to release material from both bands that either have something in common or are have different/slightly different styles. That said, both local ragers Pathogen and BxIxFx have something in common (slicing riffs, cold alcoholic beverages, adult entertainment, etc) but also have differing elements as well (Pathogen's old school evil death metal contrasted with Brimstone in Fire's deep death/prog stylings, etc). Pathogen of course is Willie Desamero's darker, more pissed off project, compared to his other kvlt act, Effluvium; the mighty Brimstone in Fire is the alumnus of the classic Sa Kabilang Anyo ng Buhay compilation, and when it came out in the nineties all of us in the know expected the label to release debut albums for each band on that comp including the warped dementia of Brimstone in Fire.

Years and tons of gigs later, Brute! productions finally has the honor of releasing this split CD as a current timecheck where these two bands' collective heads are at especially Brimstone. If this was on 7" vinyl it would perfectly complement each side - Pathogen represents Laguna's export, fusing death/thrash with a nod to the 90's Brutal DM style. Pathogen combines this with Willie's riffing style as heard in Effluvium, but using more minor keys and patterns. "Locust Invasion" rages with megaton doom/death riff drops marred by long blasts and wailing Incantation style abstract leads. Check out their Blasphemous Communion CD/LP out now for more if you dug their stuff.

Southerners Brimstone in Fire pitch in some classy tech structured metal to put your brain in a trance as well push a few codes in it too. The EP that came out last year and this release will hold over listeners until that full length finally gets released. BIF's stuff is warped dementia; there's an almost psychedelic streak to the fluid leads on top of chopping odd time meters by the rhythm section and low weird (and kind of monotonous) deathmetal vox. Their lyrics are also well written and is not the typical stuff. Watch out for that new CD soon.

One minor complaint with this is that whoever digs this is left wanting more tracks. Which means a full length or any release from both should and definitely must be taken as a follow up dose.The local version is also available at Lifespan Distro, with different artwork by Rakel Tattoo Studios in a cardboard pack; it's a badass design (the cover drenched in hellfire), but the Brute! Prod. pro version looks better. It's more rustic and fitting with the title.

Pus Vomit - Degrade the Worthless

Copremesis - Muay Thai Ladybois
Paragon Records

First off the artwork and design of this CD is already worth the price of admission - even if the welcoming image (on the disc) is an asshole of a shemale snapped dead center (and you can see the balls and dick too) on the CD itself. The badass cover art combines the grace and brutality of the title - like being pummeled and abused by a shemale kickboxer, and extends itself to the music as well. And then the array of Asian shemales on the flip side of the cover too. Perusing the art while listening to this CD in an altered state of mind can produce unexpected results, and uh, violate you, i tell you. It might involve weird Copremesis dreams or worse... I don't advise it...

Muay Thai Ladybois marks their step into official full length territory with Paragon, and they come in and destroy by wielding sub bass-heavy brutal deathgrind with these really cool heavy doom sludge (like a heavier Crowbar) massive riffathon parts. Copremesis like to tweak and freak out with insane double bass n blasts stitched with tech riffs a lot, and then stretch a massive slam riff heavy part too. They throw everything in the mix and not hold anything back and just attack and abuse the listener thoroughly. Paulo's vox are a lot lower and gurgling on this, though it's just one style on most of the songs. The sudden up pitch on the 1st song is hilarious and will leave you with a WTF moment, something this CD intended to do and f'n succeeded in, he he. "Push", "Mad", "Mustache", "I am Envy" and "Tetsuo"are all raging faves. For all you keeping score, the vocal guestlist includes:
Danny Nelson (Malignancy) and William Smith (Buckshot Facelift), Erik Undzuis (Gorged Afterbirth) and Daniel Olivencia (ex-Biolich) - spot them accordingly on the songs, they're all solid. It would be an awesome time if ever they tour Pilipinas and bring their insane live shows here.

Reasons for Unrest
Sonic Shape/MCA Universal

Ahh Intolerant. The all star metal band marketed as featuring ex members of the legendary Skychurch and Loss of Control. This could only mean rockin' riffs and dollar signs (I mean Pesos signs) ding-ding-dinging for all local gig promoters like Vernon "The Hulkster" Go. Especially the "Pulp" and "Rakista" crowd-approved shows (the word "Rakista" is f'n retarded). The only good thing about those fests - there's nothing like getting thrashed on cheap red horse and watching the futility of humanity, getting obliterated to the full custom faggotron sounds of bands like Chicosi... (oh yeah... so, back to the review) since their inception, they've played all the major gigs here and in Asia, from Shadows Fall's first trek to the motherland (and Arch Enemy too) to of course all the Summerslam events, representing "Modern Pinoy Metal", or whatever the fuck it's called nowadays and is popular with the kids, making them bonafide metal superstars with tons of chicks and sponsors.

First off the chemistry and experience of the band is evident, with tight and tasty playing (especially drummer Pepo) with all-of-a-sudden erupting melodic lead soloing on top of meat and potatoes groove metal, but not as heavy though, as their production is just too slick and clean (compared to their live sound)... But while most of their stuff on this debut is done well, I can't help comparing this to some shit I've heard before - more than a decade ago - something that was patented by a huge band in Texas who released the 90's classic groove metal albums Vulgar Display of Power and Cowboys from Hell ; even the 3 or 4 "stoner metal" riffs sound like classic Dimebag southern groove riffs... "Stoner Metal" to me, is another sacred world inhabited by gurus with vintage amplification and lysergic knowledge stemming from chemicals in the brain and miserable stoned out fuck-the-world riffs of uh, uh... all right i'll shut the fuck up now.

Bottomline: It's good, but it sounds like Pantera with some SkyChurch parts - and Skychurch was more pissed off and raging than this. Now I miss SkyChurch, I like em better. It's already been done before, I'd rather just crank up Pantera and SkyChurch, but whatever, this review is still irrelevant, kids who totally missed the boat are going to eat this up anyways... As for being tagged as death metal on their myspace; it's not death metal. (the current) Loss of Control IS Death Metal, replete with totally pissed off lyrics and brutal fucking riffs and drumkit destruction and killer vocals. Sometimes, tags are all relative you know. Remember Crocodile Dundee, with that dude flashing a knife in one memorable scene? Dundee goes, "you call that a noyf ? THIS IS A NOYFFF", overwhelming the dude with a huge fucking hunting knife more brutal than his. Anyway, go buy this if you like "modern pinoy metal", I guess.
6.5 / 10 skulls

more reviews up soon:

Methadrone - Retrogression
Gnaw their Tongues - An Epiphanic Vomiting of Blood
Impiety - 18 Atomic Years Satanniversary
Morbosidad - Morbosidad/Cojete A Dios Por El Culo
Kratornas - Over the Fourth Part of the Earth
Defeatist - ...In Praise of False Hope 7"
Onanizer/HCF split 7"
Leader - s/t CD
Pathogen/Brimstone in Fire "All Flesh Fades" split CD
Dax Riggs - We Sing of only Blood or Love LP

label spotlight on:
Nihilistic Holocaust Records, France (Death/black label & zine)

and etc

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updates / Detsorgsekalf

archives from 2001 and 2003 now up, check them out:
late and new reviews up soon

oh yeah check this out; ladies and gentlemen i give you :

you will shit bricks


P.S. Scrawlshop Headquarters in Cainta and Antipolo are now obsolete. SS zine has moved back to Quezon City. please use the old snailmail address again if you're sending a trade, promo, ad or whatever

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by: CHRIS OSMORPHYUS (USA correspondent)

thats right, the latest offering from our old friends cannibal corpse came out this february 3rd entitled, "evisceration plague". right off the bat i thought, "what the hell does that even mean? did that really make sense to them when they thought of it?"

evisceration plague is 12 tracks of relentlessly brutal, incredibly technical death metal. and it should be, its done by cannibal corpse, my favorite band in death metal for all time.

unfortunately, its 12 tracks that we've all heard before. after "gallery of suicide", cannibal has stagnated like a pool of mucky water, devoid of any life thanks to millions of algae's blotting out the light and suffocating everything beneath them.

let me explain a bit further. since the departure of chris barnes, years and years ago now, the lyrics have been entirely written between paul and alex. these guys have brains much like the tyrannosaurus had. they think small, brutal thoughts. they write lyrics that are brutal, if you think about actually experiencing a demise the way they write about, but they're small because they recycle the same goddamn ideas every fucking time, now.

the lyrics now have all been the same, "eat the guts, i love to eat guts! zombies come and eat your guts, i am a zombie and ill eat your guts! guts are in my mouth as i eat my own guts, i am dying because zombies are eating my guts!" come on now, literally, guts and zombies are as gory as these boys can seem to get. im starting to think that cannibal should open a late night diner and name it, "guts n' zombies!". they could have a motto like, "gotta get those guts!" or "when you need your late night fix of flesh, zombie on over to guts n' zombies!", which actually, the latter i will reserve for my own restaurant in the future.

i will say this about the vocals, corpsey is still a helluva fast vocalist, and knows how to chop it up behind the mic, that can't be denied. i also like that they experimented with something different, vocal layering, something they haven't done since "butchered at birth", when glen benton mixed his vocals up with barnes for about 3 seconds with the lyrics, "raped by the devil, under inverted crosses!" it really brings a much needed fresh effect to the stale style that cannibal has been pushing, but it's still only here and there on the album. the title track for example, to me, could have really used some vocal layering when corpsegrinder says, "...evisceration plague!"

"ravenous soldiers will tear you apart, they'll eat your fucking guts and your brains." ; actual lyrics from the track, "shatter their bones"

the music has been the next thing thats just sat around. who needs to be pushed out of the band next? paul! man, what a shitty drummer, seriously. i am so sick of his lackadaisical percussion. yes, he is incredibly good at smashing the shit out of a snare drum, but thats all he does. its the usual, standard issue 'da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-da-ching! da-da-da-da-", you get the idea. no fills, no mixing anything up, no change in tempo, just the same shit hes done for 20 years now. there are plenty of great drummers out there, and this guy does not wish to be one of them. he plays in the most well known death metal band in history, and he is content with just getting by. i guess i can admire his laziness in a way, but no, i cant. if i was in a band that renowned, i would have less to be lazy about in life.

the guitar work is incredible, even though it sounds like jack owen is still playing guitars. no original guitar sounds at all. they share the same fast and chunky vein that owen tapped and bled dry with cannibal, the distortion is even the same sounding. im wondering if the band is supposed to use certain distortion pedals and shit from as many endorsements as they have by now.

cant hear any of alex's bass work, probably because he doesnt want to be held accountable for anything anymore, either. im sure he just follows rhythm with the guitar slingers. kind of depressing.

all in all, its another run of the mill, drill to your ears album by cannibal corpse. nothing new is brought to the table at all with this. in fact, if youve heard one of their late albums, you've heard this one. its relentlessly heavy, but fails to have anything memorable on it. no groove, no breaks, it just beats you over and over again with a closed fist. its on top of you, beating the shit out of you. brutality is good, but cannibal unfortunately is just becoming brutally boring.

can't wait for the tour, tho!

rating: 2 of 5 skulls